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These visitors from Alabama had a good ol' time on the water this past week with Capt. Brandon Naeve.

Visiting from Alabama these guys had a great day on the water with Capt. Brandon Naeve.

June is the month for Tarpon fishing, it’s also the time of year when 10 to 15 lb Bonita run, so the Tarpon are being fussy so keep your eye out for the Bonita Express. I visitors from Alabama fishing with me this past week and believe me they were all smiles. The weather has been spectacular, the waters are warming up, and the fish seem to be plentiful.

As I said before June is prime time for Tarpon fishing so if you’d like to get out and try your hand at some sport fishing, there’s really nothing quite like it, so why not book a charter.

Capt. Brandon NaeveCapt. Capt. Brandon Naeve

I've been a fishing guide the Sarasota , Boca Grande area for over 25 years. My Sarasota trips are mostly family oriented 1/2 day fishing trips involving kids who love to catch all the family fun fish. My Boca Grande trips are for the more experienced spin or fly fishing angler.